Jack Docherty and Gemma Whelan join us for part two of this Badults Special mini series, and it is a long rambly corker of an episode full of dodgy stories, dodgier accents and the dodgiest legal arguments you’re ever likely to hear. Plus there’s scurrilous gossip about REDACTED and REDACTED which almost derailed the podcast completely.

Thanks to Gary Ogden for the brilliant artwork - go and check out his other stuff here.

Hopefully we’ll be back with more episodes later in the year - do keep your eyes peeled and come and sees the show live if you can. Also, please do evangelically spread the good news of #flatslam with all your friends and acquaintances.

And don’t forget to tune in to Badults on Mondays at 10pm on BBC3!

it was super awkward to watch this with my eastern european and asian friends. thanks, guys.

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In an attempt to attract the lucrative “lad” market we’re recording some additional chants for #Badults2.

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why couldn’t Part II last forever? why can’t Pappy’s be the guest on Coffee Ramblings? why have I been watching this video on loop? MANY QUESTIONS many desires

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benedict you are such a dork

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so excited

lowering my expectations in order to be pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed (Life Motto)

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i couldn’t figure out how to copy the picture from itunes so i screencapped it because i’m so excited about everything about this

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  • Sean Connery: I'm Sean Connery
  • Sean Connery: I'm Sean Connery
  • Sean Connery: I'm Sean Connery
  • Sean Connery: Bury it in your ears
  • Sean Connery: Bury it in your -
  • Sean Connery: You're listening to Pappy's Banger's and Mash
  • Sean Connery: Bury it in your ears
  • Sean Connery: Bury it -
  • Sean Connery: Bury it in yar ars
  • Sean Connery: Baryitinyarars
  • Sean Connery: I'm Sean Connery
  • Sean Connery: Bury it.
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Just a short podcast from Pappy’s to ask if you’d vote for them in the Chortle Awards. They’ve been nominated in three categories: ‘Character or Sketch Act’, ‘Best Show’ and (most importantly in Producer Ben’s opinion) ‘Best Internet’ for Flatshare Slamdown.

If you enjoy Flatshare Slamdown and can spare literally a minute to cast your vote we’d all be very grateful. But hurry! The deadline is Wednesday 6th March at 10am. Given we are posting this late there is every chance that by the time you read this it will be too late! It is a very simple process indeed - there’s no registration and you don’t have to vote in every category. Simply click here to see the voting form:

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  • Tom: Look, if you're eating, put the food down. If you're next to a young child, put the child down.
  • Matthew: Don't put the child down! We're not advocating killing a child.
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Comedy Meme: 3 Favourite Comedy Sketch Groups/Troupes – Pappy’s (1/3)

and they say tom is the Slightly Too Feely Hands in pappy’s

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Big-hearted gangshow “Pappy’s” are the sweatiest, loveliest bunch of dickheads you could ever hope to see pretending to be in their twenties on BBC3. In this live show they discuss writing in a threesome, taking one for the team, and what makes critics “jizz themselves”. We also discover the painful truth about how they went from a four to a three, and learn how hard it is to write award-winning sketch comedy when you don’t know any of the hotkeys.

my favorite interview of all time

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A Clarky’s-reaction-to-Tom’s-naked-arse appreciation photoset, subtitled ‘Really? You’re Not Used To That Yet?’

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