The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine enjoy The Samberger for Umami Burger on the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on September 18, 2014

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Dad, come on, what have we said is the most important thing?
I have tried family. It does not work for me.
No, privacy.

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white Americans being against immigration is still and always will be the greatest irony of all time

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Sort of Incorrect Les Miserables Lyrics — You’re the One That I Want

No, that looks right to me.

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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

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Kumail Nanjiani - Beta Male

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." 

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She is the one named Sailor….!!!

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no image has ever described my life quite so well

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Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a Spider trying to buy a house?

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In The Mood For Love deleted scenes

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  • everyone: why do you keep making female characters that look like rapunzel
  • disney:
  • disney:
  • disney: i came out tonight to have a good time and i honestly am feeling so attacked right now
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