no image has ever described my life quite so well

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Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a Spider trying to buy a house?

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In The Mood For Love deleted scenes

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  • everyone: why do you keep making female characters that look like rapunzel
  • disney:
  • disney:
  • disney: i came out tonight to have a good time and i honestly am feeling so attacked right now
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Recent drawings

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Anonymous: I'm reminded of Dave Chepelle's 'How old is 15 really?' routine where he makes the point that we as a society see black kids as older and more capable of violence and defending themselves from violence than we do white kids. Amazing stuff, poignant, and in one recording he comes close to tears when talking about it.


its one of those things where people often leave it as “haha r kelly pee on teen joke” and cease to read between the lines of his comedy, when in reality its touching base on something that is an impossibly huge problem that is often ignored for the sake of white convenience or swept under the rug because its Annoying To Keep Hearing About 

it makes me want to fucking cry every time because so many young brothers and sisters’ lives are cut short over shit that costs $2.25 or over some menial chores they tryin to do while some white joker can shoot up a movie theater and still be alive to make it to court

i hate having to constantly be aware of everything i do when i leave the door because i could be shot in the fucking head for tying my shoes weird. any of our lives could be cut short and it would take no hesitation and the tiniest excuse for some clown car to literally murder us and be put on paid leave

i am scared constantly and i fucking hate how this shit will never end because we are all threats and a means for target practice  

but i’m just a crazy SJW what do i know

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My piece for the Sailor Moon show over at Hub Comics!

I almost just did an illustration of Usagi just looking up at the stars, but then i wanted her to be in a star chart instead. Hope you like it and have fun finding a few little secret details :)

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'This place is magical'

Princess Mononoke fanart

my blog

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This has been a public service announcement

How about you go fuck yourself and let people enjoy what they want.


Tough guy hiding behind a screen. Lolz. Tollz feeding trollz. Good job bruh. You make fun of people to feel better about yourself. Thank you for helping set back humanity a few years. Grow the fuck up and get a job. Oh wait, wasn’t that your advice?


I’m enjoying feeding this troll. Let’s see how high his standing is on a social media site because people ‘like’ his posts.


i’m loving these madden gifs

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Some pages from CARRIER.
I use ComicStudio4 EX:).

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Legolas gently helps Gimli to get on a boat in Lothlórien (✿◕)

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Too damn hot today.
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